Many protected areas in Uganda and other East African countries, once created, lack the funding and management structure to be effective. The UCT helps scheme and back innovative sustainable financing mechanisms for delivering a steady flow of funds and activities to protected areas. 

The UCT: 

Makes investment decisions based on sound science to benefit the highest priority places for conservation through the creation or expansion of protected areas. 

Mobilizes additional financial resources to multiply and sustain results. 

Supports a wide range of approaches to establishing and expanding protected areas, from national parks decreed by governments to privately owned lands to community-managed reserves that combine conservation with responsible natural resource use and development.

Our focus on ensuring sufficient resources and effective management for the long term is both inimitable and vigorous. 

Proposed Solutions

The Uganda Cattle Corridor
(Karamoja to Kabale) 

The Karomoja Desert Mitigation

The Albertine Natural Green
Vegetation Conservation 

The Acholi Restoration

The Ruwenzori Conservation

The Elgon Conservation

East Africa & Us

We have only 10 years to drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions, or humanity will suffer devastating consequences. 

of Global Action
of Global Climate Funding
of The World’s Population lives within 150 kilometers (93 miles) of the ocean

The oceans, lakes, rivers and wetlands are the origin and engine of all life on this planet — and they are in extreme peril. 

More than 1%
of the world’s poor rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.
people rely on forests for their livelihoods